What is Panchamrit, How to make Panchamrit? All about Panchamrit


In this blog, we are going to explore Panchamrit “The Divine nectar of God”. The Panchamrit is used in Hindu rituals, The Term Panchamrit is derived from two Sanskrit words “Pancha” means five “Amrit” signifies the nectar of immortality.

The Panchamrit is a mixture of five ingredients, the Panchamrit is made by different methods, by different ingredients, and dedicated to God in different ways. Mainly the Panchamrit is used in worshipping Lord Vishnu, without Panchamrit  Lord Vishnu and his incarnated forms of worshipping are incomplete,

It is also used in worshipping different Gods.  It is used as a worship product for God and also it is beneficial for health.

What are the five elements in Panchamrit?


The Panchamrit ingredients include Milk, Curd, Honey, Sugar, and ghee each of these ingredients holds a unique symbolic significance.

• Milk – Milk represents Purity and piousness, for health purposes Milk helps in good health and maintains mental peace.

• Curd – curd or yogurt indicates prosperity, as health benefit helps in concentration and helps in the digestion process, also beneficial for glowing skin.

• Honey – As honey is produced by bees it stands for dedication and unity. Helps in weight management, and also helps in maintaining family relationships.

• Sugar/ Jaggery -It is about sweetness and bliss.  it is a source of energy, brings sweetness to speech, and also benefits disturbed sleeping problems.

• Ghee – Clerified Butter stands for strength and victory and also represents energy, and health benefits such as bone strength, and good eyesight.

It’s not only a mixture of 5 ingredients, it is a sip of health, a taste of divinity, and a celebration of life.

How to make Panchamrit?


The making of Panchamrit is very simple, only we needs five important ingredients, the stepwise preparation of Panchamrit is as follows.

  • Step 1 – Collect all five ingredients that are cow milk, curd of cow milk, Ghee (clarified butter) also made of cow milk, honey, sugar/ jaggery.
  • Step 2 – Take all 5 ingredients in equal proportion. 
  • Step 3 – Take a clean bowl put all five ingredients into the bowl and mix them slowly.
  • Step 4 – The desired consistency of Panchamrit is flowy like water, if the mixture feels dense then put a little bit of extra milk on the mixture.
  • Step 5 – Now the mixture is ready and called a mixture of 5 holy ingredients Panchamrit ( the nectar of immortality)

What is the difference between Panchamrit and Charanamrit?

The Panchamrit is the mixture of ghee, milk, curd, honey, and Jaggery, when the Panchamrit is made for Abhishekam ( the holy bath of God) after Abhisheka of God then that Panchamrit drained from God is collected and called Charanamrit.

Charanamrit (means the Immortal nectar from the foot of God). The Charanamrit can be simple water also or any liquid used for the Bathing of God and served to devotees as a blessing from God.

The Charanamrit can be simple water or holy water with tulsi or other Vedic ingredients the after-bath drained water of God is called Charanamrit.

Method of taking Charanamrit

Make your right-hand fingers bend towards the inside to make a bowel-like shape in your hand that can hold liquid, and take Charanamrit in your right hand making a bowel shape, and drink it, you can also use your left hand to support your right hand.

What is the importance of Panchamrit?

The Panchamrit has many importance in our life for mind and body. The Panchamrit made for God Abhishekam is more powerful because it contains blessings of God. The Panchamrit ingredients have beneficial properties as mentioned below:-

  • Milk in Panchamrit is the symbol of purity and provides health benefits.
  • Curd in Panchamrit if taken acts as a probiotic for health and improves digestion and absorption.
  • Honey in Panchamrit is a symbol of unity and hard work and also has health benefits if eaten empty stomach early morning acts as weight management.
  • Ghee  (clarified Milk) is a source of energy and a symbol of power.
  • Jaggery – it is a symbol of blissfulness and is beneficial as a source of carbohydrates.

The ingredients of Panchamrit have absorption properties when the abhisheka of God or bath of God is done with Panchamrit these ingredients absorb the positive energy of God and also benefit us spiritually in a peaceful mind, positive energy, and in good gut flora.

Can we drink Panchamrit?


Yes, we can drink Panchamrit, we can make Panchamrit at home and can take it daily early in the morning, small amount of Panchamrit every early morning is very beneficial for our gut, and helps in maintaining gut flora and good absorption of food, pregnant lady can also drink Panchamrit it reduces the risk of constipation,

In Ayurveda, Panchamrit is considered a nectar of immortality because of its beneficial properties. We can also drink Panchamrit leftover from Abhisheka of God or the collected Panchamrit after Abhishek of god as we call Charanamrit.Is Sanskrit still spoken

What are the side effects of Panchamrit?

The Panchamrit has no side effects, Panchamrit is made of natural ingredients we can also make Panchamrit at home daily for daily use. Freshly made Panchamrit is more beneficial for health, but stored Panchamrit is not that beneficial than that of fresh Panchamrit.  The fresh Panchamrit acts as a probiotic for gut flora with no side effects.

When should I take Panchamrit?

The rule for taking Panchamrit is early in the morning, the Panchamrit should made fresh in the morning with fresh ingredients and with cow milk products only. The freshly made Panchamrit after Abhishek of God is taken. The empty stomach drinking of Panchamrit is more beneficial for health.

A small amount of Panchamrit daily helps the gut, the large amount can also disturb the pH of the stomach.  The making and consumption of Panchamrit after sunset disturb your stomach.

How to take Panchamrit?

Normally Panchamrit is given at temples after Abhisheka of God, if you are doing Abhisheka of God on your own then bend your right-hand finger inwards making a bowel shape in your hand, and put Panchamrit on the hand and drink it as god blessing.13 interesting facts about Sanskrit language

you can also support your right hand by placing a left hand behind the right hand. Do not make Panchamrit fall onto the floor because Abhisheka Panchamrit is considered a god’s blessing.

What is the difference between Panchamrit and Panchgavya?

The Panchamrit is made of different five ingredients ( Ghee, milk, curd, honey, and jaggery), and the Panchgavya also contains five ingredients but all the ingredients are obtained from cows only.

Panchgavya contains ingredients in cow milk, curd from cow milk, ghee from cow milk, cow urine, and cow dung. The common things in Panchamrit and PanchGavya are ghee, milk, and curd. The Panch Gavya has cow urine and cow dung different from Panchamrit.