What is Shree Yantra | How to worship Shree yantra and its benefits

Shree Yantra
Shree Yantra

The Shree Yantra is the form of the Devi Maa. In Shree Yantra, we have 4 Shiva triangles. 4 Shiva triangles are pointing upwards And there are five triangles which are Shakti (power) triangles that are pointing downwards.

32 Goddess are worshiped in this Chakra. This Chakra is called “Trilokya Mohana Chakra”. Each layer in Sri Yantra is called a Chakra, or “Aaavran”. In the “Shrishti Kram” worship of Sri Yantra, we go from inside to outside, Dot (Bindu) will be the first Chakra, the first “Aaavran”. And go from the inside to the outside,

What is Samhar Kram’s Worship of Shree Yantra?

Shree Yantra

When you worship in “Samhar Kram”, which is the religious duty of the monk. we go from outside to inside.

In Shree Yantra, there are nine “Aavrans” (Chakra). And every Chakra has a “Yogini”, and every Chakra has a “Devi”, and every Chakra has a definition, That is, what is the name given to the Chakras “Adishthatri”.

Trilokya Mohana Chakra, The name of its goddess is Tripura. and the yogini is “Prakata Yogini”, and the Adishthatri is “Maha Maheshwari”. and all Siddhis are worshiped here while worshiping the Shaktis in this Chakara

If you are initiated in Shree Vidya then, you will be told the exact position of each Siddhi, So now I am going to tell you what is, which are those? Sanskrit mantras for healing

Anima Siddhi, Laghima Siddhi, Garima Siddhi, Mahima Siddhi, Ishitav Siddhi, Vishitav Siddhe, Prakamya Siddhe, Mukti Siddhe, Ichha Siddhe.Prapti Siddhe.Sarvakama Siddhe ,Brahmi, Maheshwari, Kumari, Vaishnavi Varahi, Mahendri, Chamunde, Mahalakshmi, Sarvasankshobhini, Sarvavidravini, Sarvakarshini, Sarvavashankari, Sarvonmadini, Sarvamahankushe, Sarvakhechari, Sarvabeeje, Sarvayoni, Sarvatrikhande.

The first outer circle worship and Benefits

The first outer circle – is called “Trilokya Mohana Chakra’. Trlokay Mohan Chakra Swamini, Pragat Yogini. There is a word in it called Sankshobh, “Sarvasankshobhini”, Sankshobh Karna means pushing it vigorously. What we call in English “Jolt”, is to sort of give a sudden push.

So, everything is present here. Here when man achieves Siddhi, in the first instance on earth. Whatever he has, is for society to see. Everything is visible.

The second circle worship and Benefits

After this is the second aavran. These are three circular lines, We have three circles drawn here. They are worshiped in certain traditions. They are not worshiped in most of the traditions because they don’t want to worship the Chakra. because we are looking to come out of the Chakra. That is why there are worshiping “Sri Chakra”.

After that when we move forward we have the “Shodash Dal”. These are sixteen petals of the lotus flower, “Shodash Dal”. This is the second Chakra or it is called the second aavran. Okay.

This aavran is named as “Sarva Aasha Paripurak Chakra”. When a man masters the first aavran, or the first Chakra, then he likewise fascinates the three worlds.

So, the Chakreshwari who is here is called “Tripureshi”. and the yogini has become elusive here, her name is “Gupt Yogini”. For the first Chakra, everyone can do even without a guru or any Initiation.

Because that person will be fascinated by achieving small accomplishments or little happiness similarly. He becomes happy with it. Most people are happy with this. Is Sanskrit still spoken?

There are very few people who give up happiness and move ahead. So, this is “Sarva Aasha Paripuraka Chakra”. So, the yogini here is “Gupt Yogini”. and Adhishtatri of this chakra is “Maha Maha Ragiye”. Sri Mata Sri Maha Ragiye.

Now the goddess has started coming here in a different form, Now let’s see what Shaktis are in this. Like when we do any worship, when we worship on a Sri Yantra then if you have taken up the Sumeru type Sri Yantra, it becomes quite difficult. but if you have made it yourself,

So, one God/Goddess is worshiped on each Patel in this Chakra. I am telling the names of those Shaktis, and it takes at least 45 minutes to complete this worship after the initial offering.

So, Kamakarshini, Budhyakarshini, Ahankarakarshini, Shabdakarshini, Sparshakarshini, Rupakarshini, Rasakarshini, Gandhakarshini, Chittakarshini, Dhyryakarshini, Smrutyakarshini, Namakarshini, Beejakarshini, Atmakarshini, Amrutakarshini, Sharirakarshini, Sarva Aasha Paripuraka Chakra Swamini, Gupt Yogini.

Do you remember Devi Maa told her name yesterday “Karshnim”? So, the knowledge that is attained by this Chakra is known as Karshni Vidya. We have an ashram in Vrindavan by the name of Ramanreti, there we have Guru Swami Sharnanand,

He says that he is the master of Karshni Vidya and that he is Siddha of Karshni Vidya.

Whatever he does, he becomes successful, whosoever he sees, he gets fascinated. When a person worships on the second aavran, then it is Sarva Aasha Paripurak.

If any seed of hope arises in the mind, it will be fulfilled. Eighteen Shaktis are worshiped here, though there are sixteen Shaktis that are worshiped, the Yogini and Chakreshwari’s (presiding aspect of Lalita) names are also added to it.

interesting facts about Sanskrit language

The third circle worship and Benefits

After that when we come to the third Chakra. It has eight petals. Now can you see that you are becoming limited or conjugated from detail? It has eight petals, or as it is called “Ashth Dal”.

In this, we worship ten Shaktis. This Chakra is called “Sarva Sankshobahana Chakra”, and the Chakreshwari named here is “Tripur Sundari”.

Three gunas’s (quality) have been told namely “Sattva”, “Rajas”, “Tamas”, three states have been told namely “Sushupt”, “jagrat”, “Swapna” Three states that have been told about the condition of humans, which are in the form of the speech (sound) : “vachick”, “upanshu”, “mansik” OR “Vaikhari”, “Madhyama”, “Pashyanti”

The yogini present here is “Gupttar Yogini” Now here the same guru can tell you what to do, who himself has been a worshiper of Sri Vidya. and the Devi who is Adhishthatri here is called Mahashaktya.

Now because the matter is secret here, the body is gone. Initially, there were many physical substances, The second one has elements such as Budhyakarshini, Kamakarshini, etc.

Now in the third, we have Anang which means that there is nobody. Anang Kusume, Anang Mekhle, Anang Madne, Anang Madnature, Anang Rekhe, Anang Vegini, Anang Ankushe, Anang Malini. Sarva Sankshobahana Chakra Swamini Gupttar Yogini.

All this is Anang (one without a body). Everything is clear except there was a word in it Anang Mekhle, Do you know what is “Mekhle”? –Waistlet. that.. man, is tied by an invisible bond.

The same thing has been spoken by God as “Varunpash” in the Bhagavat, It is not visible, but the human is tied by it for sure.

Whether be it by his wishes, Man lives with so many misconceptions in his mind, He thinks in his mind that I am this and I am that, And he spends his entire life in this delusional trap. History of Sanskrit language

The fourth circle worship and Benefits

After this we have the fourth Aavaran, First, second, and third, this is the fourth Aavaran. Which has fourteen angles or triangles. This is called Sarva Soubhagya Dayak Chakra.

The name Chakreshwari in this chakra is, Tripur Vasini, and the Yogini is “Sampradaya Yogini”. She is only worshiped by someone who is from his lineage.

Suppose I must give initiation to someone in Sri Vidya, Until and unless I do not associate him with the lineage, or do not add him to the tradition, I will not give him worship of this Chakra. It may take more than ten years to reach the fourth Aaavran from the first Aavaran.

The second step should be taken only if the first one is very firm, or else you might fall face down. Else, doubt, dilemma, worry, and starvation, all go together.

A person says it’s been quite a while now, I am doing Samarpayami, Tarpayami every day, and nothing is happening, I have poverty in my life, or I have a lot of debt, or I am unable to see Devi in physically form, etc, etc… Maha Maha Gupte who is the “Aadhishthatri”,

And who all are worshiped in this… Sarvasmkshobhini, Sarvavidravini, Sarvakarshini, Sarvaahladini, Sarvasammohini, Sarvasthambhini, Sarvajrumbhini, Sarvavashankari, Sarvaranjani, Sarvonmadini, Sarvarthasadhika, Sarvasampattipurani, Sarvamantramayi, Sarvadwandwakshayankari. Sarva Saubhagya Dayak Chakra Swamini, Sampradaya Yogini.

Here all these Shaktis are worshiped, Sarvaahladini means who can make everyone happy.

That is when a person reaches the fourth stage, where he starts getting all types of Good luck, by worshiping the Sri Yantra.

The Fifth Circle Worship and Benefits

Next is the fifth chakra is also called “Bahirdasar”. It has ten triangles. 1…2…3…4…5…6..7…8…9…10. Name of this chakra is “Sarvarth Sadhaka Chakra”. Now, we have received good luck and accomplishment, and all wishes have been fulfilled,

now what else do we want? Now, the sentiments of Sadhana have started to awaken in “Sadhak”. The satisfied person can be an excellent “Sadhak”. A person who is incomplete in life, practices spirituality, only for the fulfillment of his wishes and remains in it.

But the person who is complete, Who is satiated for him the chances of realization are very high. Because his wishes have been fulfilled or he has understood that fulfilling his desires is not a path to happiness. I just have to attain my God.

So, the name of Chakreshwari Devi here is “Tripurasri” and the Yogini is “Kulotteerna Yogini”. Kulotteerna means those who are beyond all senses or those who have gone above all senses. and above the temperament of the body. and Maha Maha Gapte.

Sarva Siddhiprade, Sarvasampatprade, Sarvapriyankari, Sarvamangalakarini, Sarvakamaprada, Sarvadukhavimochini, Sarvamrityuprasamani, Sarvavighnanivarini, Sarvangasundari, Sarvasoubhagyadayini, Sarvarth Sadhaka Chakra Swamini, Kulotteerna Yogini. These Shaktis are worshiped here.

What goes on here, after this is the person starts acquiring knowledge, the distinguished knowledge. Which type of Shaktis is present in it? Of the ten Shaktis, including Chakreshwari and Yogini we have twelve.

The Sixth Circle Worship and Benefits

Now when we move forward to the sixth Chakra, So here there are ten triangles, previously also there were ten, They were called Bahirdasar, the outer ten triangles.

Now also ten triangles and they are called “Antardasar” Which ones? 1…2…3…4…5…6..7…8…9…10. Okay, hope I didn’t count this by mistake.

So, there are ten triangles. So, “Sarva Rakshakara Chakra”, When you reach this far, then you have come to a distinguished position like acting Chief Minister or Prime Minister. Now you need security. Because people will devour you, everyone will come to you to fulfill their wishes.

And everyone thinks their wishes are important. Everyone feels that their sadness is mammoth. You need protection. The “Sadhak” who reaches here, the goddess exerts special Shaktis around him. She starts some sort of filtration process near him.

Who can reach you? Now, Sadhak no longer has to take this decision, because now you cannot just think about yourself. At this time, you have to do welfare for society, as you have acquired the Siddhis. You will have to benefit someone.

So, this is called “Sarva Rakshakara Chakra”. The Chakreshwari (Presiding aspect of Lalita) is “Tripur Malini”. And..their Yogini is “Nigarbha Yogini”.

Now you have risen a level above humans, all humans are born from conception. But this “Yogini”, did not come from the womb. And the Adishthatri is “Maha Maha Nandey”. One who gives the ultimate bliss.

You will enjoy yourself when all the misery around you is filtered out. So, who are the goddesses here? ” Sarvagye, Sarvashakte, Sarvaswaryapradayini, Sarvagyanamayi, Sarvavyadhinivarini, Sarvadharaswarupe, Sarvapapahare, Sarvanandamayi, Sarvarakshaswarupini, Sarvepsitaphalaprade, Sarva Rakshakara Chakra Swamini

The Seventh Circle Worship and Benefits

We will move forward to the seventh Chakra, in this there are ten Shaktis and eight triangles and it is called “Asthaar”. 1…2…3…4…5…6..7…8. This chakra is called “Sarva Rogahara Chakra”. “Adi Daivik, Adi Bhautik, Adhyatmik”. In this, three temperaments are destroyed.

The person on whom that “Sadhak” showers his blessings, will be happy. He is also sure to get salvation. Chakreshwari is “Tripura Siddhe”. Here we have the name of Chakreshwari Devi, and the Yogini here is “Rahasya Yogini”.

Now this is a mysterious thing. Now the secret of this, the Sadhak who gradually moves ahead in the realization, he can only tell. Some people will start learning Piano or keyboards or the guitar, Play the first song, the second song, the third one, and move ahead.

Others will work on the same raga for one year. Or just learn only two ragas in four years. Similarly, some take the practice of Srividya or Sri Chakra Puja from a very higher perspective. They quickly complete the worship of one chakra and move ahead.

while others spend even ten years on a single chakra. So, are you the one who goes deeper, or you are the one who wants to cover the distance? This is a personal feeling for everyone.

Rahasya Yogini, and the Adishthatri here is “Maha Maha Skande”. Because of the “Snani Naam, Ahamskand”. Kartikeya who is one of the Gods, is an integral part of the Shiva family, some men like to flirt outside, So, when a young Lady is walking with her small child, then he will start loving the child.

The mom becomes happy seeing how much he loves her child. So, if you talk to the mother’s child with love, then the mother will say that you are a very good person.

So, “Maha Maha Skande”, when a man comes on this chakra, In South India Skande is been named Lord Murugan Or Lord Kartikeya. The ceremony of Lord Kartikeya is necessary here.

The mystery of these Yoginis is that by reaching every chakra, You must do one more Sadhna apart from Sri Vidya. Like what happens when we lay a roof, So initially, how many things are used in it, like Bolt, this and that, initially a fake roof is laid, then a real roof is laid on it, then the fake roof is removed once the real one dries up.

So, at the beginning, a foundation is needed, When the sadhana of that chakra is complete, when the chakra has been mastered, Then you don’t need Sadhana because that Sadhana is embedded in you.

So there are ten Shaktis in it, but, eight, as usual, the names of Yogini and Chakreshwari make it ten. Vasini, Kameswari, Modini, Kamale, Arune, Jayini, Sarveswari, Kaulini, Sarva Rogahare Chakra Swamini, Rahasya Yogini.

The Eight Circle Worship and Benefits

Now let’s move to the eighth Aavran, there is only one triangle in it. Nine Shaktis, are worshiped here. The name of this chakra is “Sarva Siddhiprada Chakra”. And its Chakreshwari is, “Tripuramba”. And the Yogini is “Ati-Rahasya”. Because it is “Ati-Rahasya”, so I will not tell you anything about it, the explication is “Maha Maha Shye”.

This “Maha Maha Shaye” has two meanings. The core meaning is that now the Goddess is in control. Shaye means Shayan. Now you have reached a stage, where you do not need to work and the work is happening on its own.

Because this is Sarv Siddhiprada chakra. Now you are in a state where you might not even need to speak. You have to just think.

But at this time, you attain so much knowledge that you know, what to think or what not to think. So which Shaktis are worshiped in it? All non-war forms of the Goddess are worshiped here because this is an Amphitheatre.

There is a big auditorium and, in the middle, we have the Goddess’s residence, It is like G-Plus Security, wherein you cross each layer and move inside, and there are nine locks.

It is very similar. Shaktis worshiped in this chakra are Banini, Chapini, Pashini, Ankushini, Maha Kameshvari, Maha Vajreswari, Maha Bhagamalini, Sarva Siddhiprada Chakra Swamini, Ati-Rahasya Yogini.

The Ninth Circle Worship and Benefits

Now we have the last chakra which is the Bindu (Dot). Which is called Bendhav Vasini. It has three Shaktis, though it has only one but taking Yogini and the other one its three. The name of this chakra is “Sarvanandamaya Chakra”. And… the Goddess inside is “Maha Tripura Sundari”, who is also the Chakreshwari.

And the Yogini is “Prapar Rhasaya Yogini”. It’s about far ahead, let’s leave it. Definition…. Maha Maha Sri Chakra Nagar Samragyi. This Sri Chakra is a town. After all of this, and just after the security, in the middle, we have the Goddesses’ residence, which is called “Bendhav Vasini”.

She dwells on that point. And here we worship… Sri Sri Maha Bhattarike Sarvanandamaya Chakraswamini Prapar Rahasya Yogini.